Protect your organisation’s assets

Safety and compliance is a priority for every organisation. Magnatelis Visitor Management System provides ease of use and seamless integration of visitor management application, track and trace, and AI based surveillance technology. This solution offers comfort and security for both visitors and hosts to provide practical and convenient services at the office or organisational environment.


Depending on your requirement, Magnatelis Visitor Management system has the flexibility to be provided on a range of small or large. The system is completely configurable and compatible with many devices.

Simply Smarter Service

With its intuitive software that support touchscreen technology display, Magnatelis Visitor Management system provides a really quick and easy way to self sign-in and out of sites or specific building zones. Visitors simply tap the screen to enter their details. As well as saving the receptionist time managing guest sign-ins, there’s also no need to locate the visitor’s host. The system will instantly notify them by email or text message that their guest has arrived. And for added convenience, delivery companies or couriers can quickly drop off packages using the dedicated delivery function.

Fast-track sign-in

If a visitor or group of visitors has been pre-registered, perhaps for a conference, then they can sign-in quickly by simply scanning a code. So it helps you to free up administrative resources for more productive tasks,

Visitor Movement Tracking

Welcoming visitors to your organisation isn’t just about making a good impression – it is important to monitor their arrival and departure for security, compliance and health & safety reasons. This is one of the major limitations of a manual visitor registration process, as it is easy to lose track of who is in the building.

Magnatelis Visitor Management system enables you to create a safer workplace as the movements of every visitor are accurately recorded, so you can track the flow of visitor in and out of a site. At any time you can generate a real-time report to identify exactly who is in the building, or review all visitor activity at the end of the day. Having a central database of up-to-date contact details also means that you can quickly notify everyone in the event of an emergency and provide instruction on what to do.


System overview

Visitor Management System  allow the user to track visitors, employees and deliveries as they enter and exit the facilities. The system  also support printing of custom designed visitor passes card with details like visitor identity, expiration date, visit area, host being visited, and visit purpose. In addition, VMS  allow the user to:

  • Clearly identify visitors by category, to restrict access to vulnerable goods and information;
  • Keep track the presence of visitors, couriers, goods delivery vehicles in the facility environment;
  • Generate reports to ensure regulatory compliance;
  • Scan and save the visitor IDs;
  • Capture the visitors face at the time of registration;
  • Record visitors enter and exit times;
  • Tag visitors by blacklist, or whitelist category;
  • Generate visitors visit history;
  • Visitors can make an appointment to visit the host;
  • The host can accept or reject visitor visits;

RFID Based Access Control Management System, the system  support:

  • Produce RFID-based visitor and employee cards;
  • Control visitor access to facilities;
  • Record visitor access log;

RFID Based Active Visitor Tracking, the system  support:

  • Trigger the Near Real-Time View to see personnel activity in one particular zone;
  • Quickly check to monitor movement of workers and use the software to analyze the collected data;
  • Easily create and print report;
  • Easy-to-use tracking interface, quickly lookup and locate visitors to find their location visually right on your site’s floor plan.

CCTV Management System, the system  support:

  • Display directly the areas monitored by CCTV;
  • Replay recordings produced by CCTV devices;

Surveillance Computer Vision, the system  support:

  • Recognize the faces of visitors who have been registered through CCTV;
  • Recognize objects not accompanied;
  • Recognize no parking is allowed;

Gate Management System, the system  support:

  • Monitoring gate activity log;

Reporting System, the system support:

  • Provide reports to specified recipients;
  • Provide incidental or scheduled reports;
  • Provide reports containing visitor profiles;
  • Collecting data related to visitors for intelligence needs;

Data Visualization System, the system  support:

  • Display a map of the facility area visualization in 2d;
  • Visualizing the presence of visitors;
  • Facility area management;

Network Management System, the system  support:

  • Network performance monitoring;
  • Fault monitoring;
  • Account monitoring;

Power Monitoring, the system  support:

  • Display energy usage;
  • Display status energy usage;
  • Generate reports of energy usage;
  • Alarms and events;

Alert and Notification System, the system  support:

  • Event alert;
  • Event notification;
  • All Clear Information;

User Management System, the system  support:

  • User authentication;
  • User roles;
  • User groups;

API Management System, the system  support:

  • Developer portal;
  • Expose enterprise data & functionality in API-Friendly format;
  • Protect information assets exposed via APIs to prevent misuse;
  • Authorize secure, seamless access for valid identities;
  • Optimize system performance & manage the API lifecycle;

Database Management System, the system  support:

  • Avoids relying entirely on developers or client application layers to enforce password policies;
  • Migrate database and client applications faster with fewer rewrite problems;
  • Prioritize workloads such as analytics over batch processing without endangering responsiveness;
  • Portability;