Introducing Inviris


Simulation Web

With WebMod technology you have the option of remotely viewing and controlling aspects of Simulation System from your browser or mobile device, whether locally on your LAN, or even over the Internet. WebMod Server allows you to connect to your System simulation network using just a browser on your computer, tablet, or smart phone.

Simulation Terrain

SimTerrain Server is a powerful web-based streaming terrain server. It is delivered with a global base map, but you can also easily populate it with your own custom source data through a webbased interface.

Simulation Visualization

SimVis is our line of visualization system, designed to meet your needs for visualizing the simulated world. SimVis delivers a realistic, three-dimensional view of terrain, vehicles, and other objects. The navigation controls give you complete freedom to travel anywhere as an unobtrusive observer. You can place the observer at a specific location, or link it to a vehicle for automatic tracking of battlefield activities.

Tactical Simulation

TacSims Comes with a rich set of capabilities that enable you to create, execute, and distribute simulationscenarios. Using its intuitive interfaces, quickly get up to speed and be productive. Build scenarios that scale from just a few individuals in close quarters to large multi-echelon simulations covering the planet. TacSims includes a CGF application comprised of two parts, a simulation engine (often called the back-end) and a graphical user interface (GUI) (often called the front-end) for creating and running simulations. This separation of simulation and control is a key part of this system power and flexibility. Run multiple, interoperable back-ends to distribute the simulation load over multiple computers. Run multiple front-ends to support collaborative scenario development and control.

Learning Center

The system is divided into 2 subsystems: Learning Center for User & Learning Center for Management.

  1. Learning Center for User
    This is the app that an authorized personnel will use for learning and keep themselves up to date with an internal and external information that related to their job.
  2. Learning Center for Management.
    This is the app that system administrator and/or other authorized personnel will use to manage, update, edit, and delete all the required data.




A System that functions as repository & means for distributing information assets in an organization

3D Learning

3D Learning is an interactive application based on 3D technology to visualize detailed and realistic processes and objects.


3D model for observations. 3D explore is used to observe the shape, size, parts, name of parts, sum of parts, color and other physical characteristics of an object or objects. 3D explore will display all the visible information.


3D process is used to observe the flow(s) of a process or processes. 3D process will display the whole process flow and the information event that occurred in each step.

  • 3D VIDEO

3D video is a moving picture/video used to visualize process or characteristics of the model.

2D Interactive
Content about information data to visualize a particular process

Information data learning material presented in two-dimensional interactive form to visualize a particular process

Information data learning material in the form of text, with picture or graphics to explain something