Inviris-Stealth Pro

Introducing Inviris-Stealth Pro 


The StealthBWK is a miniature streaming, monitoring and recording device. The very small and lightweight audio & video streamer is extremely suitable for proximity operations and discreet installations. Cellular and Wi-Fi connectivity enables the user to monitor and remotely control the unit through all operational scenarios.


The StealthAVT is a Internet streaming, monitoring, and recording system which, when deployed with surveillance equipment at the target location, enables the user to monitor equipment from anywhere in the world. The Internet connection can be established via a standard Ethernet connection, by using the built-in Wi-Fi capability to connect to a wireless network, and/or a 3G/4G cellular network.


The Body-worn Transmitter/Receiver is an ultra-miniature COFDM digital video transceiver specifically designed for Agent body-worn and specialist concealment applications. It offers reduced power consumption over the previous standard unit. The reduction in power consumption has been achieved by eliminating all features not directly linked to the body-wire application and by optimizing the RF circuitry for lower power operation.

StealthGPS (StealthT+)


  • Sleek and discreet personal tracking device with in-built RF beacon
  • 2G+3G modem allows tracker to connect to many more GSM masts worldwide
  • Three different modem models available to ensure optimal functionality internationally
  • Two-button Emergency Panic Alarm activation, with configurable button functionality
  • In-built speaker and microphone for either one- or two-way audio