Magnatelis ®


Introducing Magnatelis

For law enforcement and intelligence agencies, information is critical to their performance. Most agencies are bogged down by data stored in multiple sliced systems that are difficult to integrate and analyse. These organisations are, in effect data rich but information poor. To excel in today’s world of digital transformation, the agencies require intelligent, timely, secure and integrated data management system that can handle multiple formats, unstructured and huge amout of data. Welcome to Magnatelis!

Multiple data formats

Magnatelis handles multiple data format with ease, ranging from structured or unstructured data such as SMS, communication logs, documents and emails to audio, image and video. Magnatelis then registers its metadata and indexes using powerful Lucene IR (information retrieval) mechanism for reliable and fast query and further data analysis.

Powerful data repository

Magnatelis powerful data repository is powered by the industry standard Alfresco® ECM (Enterprise Content Management) technology, which maximize the value of your content. It is the preferred ECM platform for thousands of customers worldwide. Its user-friendly web-based UI platform provides high accessibility and availability on various operating systems.

Multi-level security

For us security is a serious matter, that’s why Magnatelis provides multi-level security that safeguards your information. By integrating the world-leading RSA security platform, Magnatelis seamlessly secures your data start from the point of capture to the backend. Furthermore, configurable user access management tool help strengthen compliance and reduce risk from insider threats.

Data visualisation

Magnatelis provides a rich data visualisation with its intuitive, user-friendly interface that has the ability to consolidate, display, and access the multi-format data in a variety of formats including dashboards, tabular reports, and information maps in one place.

Integrate with ease

We realise that in today’s enterprise infrastructure, system and application integration is more and more frequently a mission critical concern. Rest assured that you can leverage Magnatelis secured web service capabilities to ease integration with external applications.

Visitor and Security Management System

Safety and compliance is a priority for every organisation. Magnatelis Visitor Management System provides ease of use and seamless integration of visitor management application, track and trace, and AI based surveillance technology. This solution offers comfort and security for both visitors and hosts to provide practical and convenient services at the office or organisational environment. Readmore

Cyber Security Operation Centre

The Cyber Security Operation Centre System (CSOC) is an important component in supporting network or IT security. A secure CSOC is capable to protect asset management from threats. The CSOCs exist to assist in managing risks more effectively, which means, the CSOC itself must be adequately protected. The CSOC must have mechanisms, processes and procedures to ensure that it can be protected against cyber threats to secure the service itself, as well as the data on it. Readmore