Tiratio EDM



Introducing Tiratio

Tiratio Enterprise Data Management (EDM) is a system capable of managing data on an enterprise scale. The purpose of EDM is trust in data assets. EDM emphasizes the accuracy, granularity and meaning of data and considers how content is integrated into business applications and how the process is delivered from one business process to another.

Dashboard & Visualization

Help users in viewing and understanding data, thus optimizing the decision-making process.

Database System

Solution from data management “structured” Communication System or “unstructured”.

Reporting System

Automate the report generation process, knowing facts based on data more quickly.

Data Collection & Processing

Collect data in various ways, and ensure safe data entry process.

Notification & Communication System

Send time-sensitive information to many people at a time.

Data & Information Security

Securing sensitive data, maintaining the organization’s reputation.

Successful Customers – Read their stories

PT. Sinergi Rekatama is a company engaged in the field of information technology solutions, We officially established on April 28, 2016 and headquartered in South Tangerang City. Along with the development of the company, currently PT. Sinergi Rekatama has a focus on product development and information technology solutions for educational segments, government agencies, and business industries. Services that focus on the three main segments are then defined as Rekatama Solution, ie system-based solutions and information technology with less paper, less time, less cash and less complexity features.