Command Control & Monitoring System


Organisations with extensive tactical field operations have an increasing demand for business process visibility, that is to accurately and completely view the processes, status, transactions and other activities operating within the organization. The need for organizations to analyse real time data and information accurately and precisely is becoming more and more important to minimize human less–accurate reporting rate, to lower the risk of decision making due to less-accurate data, to improve the effectiveness and efficiency in executive decision making and to improve cost saving. An integrated system having the ability to monitor personnel and team, task status and device status as well as inventory management is a comprehensive solution for the above requirements.

TACTMOS is designed and developed specifically for such requirements. It combines several of today’s technologies to deliver you the solution for field operations from personnel and task management, equipment monitoring and tracking, as well as inventory management that are integrated and visualised seemlessly in a dashboard system. So, when you expect the best in tactical field operation team management, TACTMOS is here to deliver.

Elements of TACTMOS:

  • Data center
  • Situation awareness space
  • Operational space
  • Dashboard application
  • Warehouse